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Paul Vecchiet ~ 02/06/20 ~ Portal Stargate ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Aquarian Radio Network

Paul Vecchiet ~ 02/06/20 ~ Portal Stargate ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J. Morris ~ Aquarian Radio Network


  • Born in Italy, arrived in the US at the age of three, settled in Chicago for a couple years, then moved to the southwest suburb of Hickory Hills.
  • Went to Catholic School the entire eight years of elementary school.
  • After graduating high school, was admitted to UIC for architecture. Earned a degree in design in 1981.
  • Joined the Air Force in 1982 and got commissioned as a Second Lt.
  • Currently working for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Winchester, VA.



Louis Silvani: Louis is the main character. He developed his own belief system as a young Catholic, uncomfortable with the religion’s teachings. Space travel and science fiction captured his imagination. As an adolescent, he learned about passages in the Bible that described encounters with highly technological beings. In time he evolved to be a part-time researcher and blogger. The story begins with Louis Silvani, divorced, living alone, approaching retirement.

Mary Ellen Velarde: Mary Ellen is a Jicarilla Apache woman in her early 40s. She was an orphan, raised in Albuquerque. After her sixteenth birthday, her adoptive parents took her back to the reservation where she was born, to rejoin her clan and tribe in Dulce, New Mexico. Velarde is highly spiritual and psychic.

Anne Stoneburner: Anne is Mary Ellen’s elderly, psychic, spiritual mentor and friend. She is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and made her home, alone, in Aurora, Illinois.
Deborah Swift: Deborah was raised in an Air Force family and is a United States Air Force Security Police veteran. She is an African American in her late forties, is gay and an atheist. Deborah is one of Louis’ closest friends on the social network. She lives with her partner, Susan Koenig, in Saint Louis.

Kaja Jorgensen: Kaja is an autistic woman in her mid-fifties. She is also an artist, using her talent to draw technical diagrams of UFOs, and portraits of various extra-terrestrial races. Kaja has trouble trusting people, but is close with Mary Ellen. Kaja lives alone in Wichita, Kansas.

Gerald McGeorge, Colonel, United States Army: McGeorge became a good friend with Louis during a joint military assignment. McGeorge was raised Catholic. He has retained the religion’s beliefs, but has had reservations about the church’s recent history and philosophy. Gerald McGeorge, like his mother is highly psychic and spiritual. The colonel is stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Katrina Hermann: Katrina is in her mid-forties and is psychokinetic. She can use her mind to remote view, and to project energy onto other energy sources, causing electrical equipment to overheat, malfunction, or explode. She is a former CIA asset and lives with her boyfriend, Robert Ladd in Taos, New Mexico. Katrina and Mary Ellen met through Native American outlets as Katrina is part Cherokee.

Robert Ladd: Robert is a former U.S. Army Ranger and a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. He suffers from PTSD.

Tara Everly: Tara is a United States Air Force senior airman stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. She works as a radar specialist.

Trevor Hugo: Trevor is Louis’ friend, living in San Fernando, California, working as a Lyft driver. Trevor has dreams of other planets and technologies and draws scenes and star charts the next day after waking up from his dream.


CHAPTER 1: birth of a notion. A look at how Louis developed his belief surrounding religion and his fascination with space travel and science fiction.

CHAPTER 2: into the rabbit hole. Background how Louis got involved in UFO and ET research, beginning with his discovery of floor plans showing a secret basement with a large cryogenic chamber in a highly secure facility while an Air Force officer.

CHAPTER 3: facts and deception. Louis’ presentation to a UFO conference. It details the four main pieces of evidence to support his ‘inter-terrestrial’ theory: Antarctica; The Rendelsham Forest Incident which is Great Britain’s Roswell; Dulce, the supposed site of a secret underground lab operated by malevolent ETs and mercenaries; and an underground pyramid in Alaska.

CHAPTER 4: encounters and transmissions. Louis is the first presenter at the UFO conference. Everything about the conference from his registration to his presentation is awkward. The presentation ends with a question and answer session that turns hostile as he is rescued by a staff member. Louis meets Mary Ellen Velarde, a Jicarilla Apache from Dulce, New Mexico who offers to take him to Dulce. He has a terrifying encounter with two men in black who threaten him telepathically. Rescuing him, Mary Ellen tells Louis about himself, having the role of counselor and informer in the coming quiet spiritual revolution. Outside the building the men in black contact a mole at Dulce to warn about Mary Ellen’s plan to travel back with a UFO researcher. The mole is the Jicarilla Police Chief and he knows Velarde well.

CHAPTER 5: back to that same ol’ place. Louis meditates and has an out of body experience through a wormhole. Later, he makes contact with friends to meet during the trip: Deborah Swift, Colonel Gerald McGeorge, and Trevor Hugo. He arranges a visit with his children, then arranges to meet Mary Ellen, in a couple days in Aurora, Illinois.

CHAPTER 6: the assignment. Louis and Mary Ellen rendezvous at the home of Anne Stoneburner, Mary Ellen’s spiritual mentor. Telling him there is something special about him, Anne asks Louis permission to read his spirit. The reading reveals Louis’ spiritual assignment as counselor informer, a task taken by his spirit. Aware that the journey is going to be far from ordinary Louis goes to the car to pack. Anne and Mary Ellen discuss Louis and whether he would be able to meet the challenges ahead. Upon leaving, Louis says something that indicates he had eavesdropped on Mary Ellen’s and Anne’s conversation. As Louis and Mary Ellen leave in an awkward silence, the trip begins uncomfortably.

CHAPTER 7: intuition. Louis introduces Mary Ellen to Deborah Swift who share stories of alien abductions, having their unborn taken. Louis begins to understand the reason for the trip to Dulce and expresses disapproval. Deborah volunteers to join them shocking and troubling her partner, Susan.

CHAPTER 8: the hybrid phenomenon. Mary Ellen introduces her companions to Kaja Jorgensen, an autistic savant. Kaja’s explains her former existence as a Roswell crash victim showing her artwork of alien portraits and technical diagrams. Kaja points out to Louis he has unique DNA.

CHAPTER 9: the divine warrior. Louis experiences another out-of-body experience where he gets close to the ‘Source’. Along the way to Colorado Springs, Mary Ellen has the three stop at Granada where they visit the site of a Japanese Internment Camp. There is a passage about their experience and the monument dedicated to Japanese-Americans that fought in Europe in World War II. Reaching Colorado Springs, Louis introduces the team to his friend, Colonel Gerald McGeorge. McGeorge reveals his psychic and spiritual side, surprising Louis, after Louis channels a message about a spiritual on-going war.

CHAPTER 10: enlisting energy. The three head to Taos, NM to meet Katrina Hermann and her friend Robert Ladd who was an Army Ranger. Katrina recognizes energy fields and applies her thought on the source causing overheating, shorts, or explosions. Mary Ellen is visiting Katrina to ask her to cause an evacuation of the Dulce base through her ability. Mary Ellen reluctantly reveals her intentions angering Robert. She explains why she needs to go, describing her and Deborah’s abductions. Katrina explains that what Mary Ellen is asking would be too risky for everyone especially Katrina. With everyone asleep, Katrina and Robert experience identical nightmares about specimen hostages at the Dulce lab. They discuss its meaning, acknowledging they were exposed to these visions for a reason. The next morning, Robert surprises everyone by being the first one up and setting up a white board to help plan the operation. Robert makes time stop by volunteering to join the team after having them go through a few days of training on the ranch.

CHAPTER 11: shocks and awe. The chapter is divided into three parts: Pre-Assault, Assault, and Post-Assault.

Pre-assault: The chapter begins with the everyone’s thoughts in bed on the day they are to leave. Mary Ellen’s personal history and background is revealed. Louis and the team meet Mary Ellen’s decoy friends, Sky, Billy, and Jenny. As the decoy vehicle driven by Deborah gets to town, they notice a couple black SUVs. In one of the SUVs, an NRO agent feels a sensation as the SUV passes them.

Assault: The team executes the plan. As Jenny and Billy leave the trailer in Mary Ellen’s Subaru, a black SUV follows and eventually causes Jenny to run off the mountain road. Katrina systematically destroys part of the underground facility causing an evacuation and casualties, but at a high cost to herself. A structural collapse traps and kills some mercenaries in the barracks. The rest use the stair towers and hatches to evacuate. After this activity, Katrina begins to feel light-headed, then she focuses what she had left on the reptilian side causing an interior lighting storm, electrocuting many of the creatures. This causes her to lose consciousness and collapse. The Jicarilla Police arrive at the accident scene on the mountain road and recognize Mary Ellen’s Subaru, but do not see her. The NRO agents confront the Chief about Velarde. Mercenaries exit the crippled underground facility. Driverless Humvees approach the area to pick up the evacuees. Modified unmarked Blackhawk helicopters arrive to pick up the wounded and to remove classified material and equipment.

Post Assault: The helicopters cause Robert to have a PTSD episode and the team helps him through it. The Humvees depart, and the helicopters follow. Escape hatches are left open for the team to enter while the NRO agents and the Chief meet outside the station. The team makes its way through the open airlock into the reptilian’s section of the facility. As the team gets closer to the lab, Louis spots a dead reptilian lying on the floor. He notices a device clipped to the creature’s belt that looks like a flashlight and takes it. Mary Ellen find the lab room by sensing her abducted child. The Chief and the NRO agents arrive at the surface of the lab and pursue the team. One of the NRO agents again feels the ‘sensation’ which continues to get stronger as he approaches the site of the underground facility. As the Chief exits his vehicle the other agent injects the Chief with a memory blocker. The team enters the lab room, and are stunned by the sight of the specimens floating in sacs of pinkish purple fluid. Mary Ellen recognizes one of the creatures as her child she has been communicating with for years.

Blue-skinned humanoid Arcturians appear from bright columns of light. The NRO agent, once again sensing something, uses that feeling to guide him to the lab, with the Chief and the other agent in tow. As the three arrive they are hit with a paralyzing wave, sent by the Arcturians. Mary Ellen sees Rico Martin, the Chief and her former fiancée, and tells him about their child’s abduction. The agent with the sensation feels a strong beautiful feeling as Deborah approaches him and utters the word, ‘mother’, causing her to go to him and speak to him. The Arcturians activate a teleportation system and evacuate every specimen from the lab. One Arcturian notices Louis holding a reptilian device and takes it from him. The Arcturian looks at it and changes settings on the device then points it at a wall and shoots, opening a portal. The Arcturians release the three from the paralysis and depart the same way they arrived. Louis and the team escape by entering the portal, trusting the Arcturians.

CHAPTER 12: unquiet desperation. At the other end of the portal, the team enters an underground training center at Groom Lake. They discover an Air Force female airman being sexually assaulted and rescue her. They learn that she is a radar specialist stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. The team binds and gags two assailants and two observers, and lock them in separate closets. A digital tablet used by a scientist is fit with a valuable Common Access Card (CAC). Louis finds unused syringes, antiseptic pads, a vial of colorless fluid, and a vial of the bright green fluid in a lab coat pocket. Robert notices an empty syringe on a table next to a mattress. The syringe contains residue of the green fluid. Louis finds a fire escape route map of the building and discovers an elevator lobby close-by. The team heads to the lobby and summons the elevator. It is a tense situation as the team realizes it has no control of where the elevator will stop in its rapid descent, or what will be on the other side of the doors. The elevator doors open to a small vacant lobby. Using the CAC, they access a train platform where the team boards a high-speed underground train west. On the train, Robert explains to Louis the mentality of the mercenary soldier. The train arrives at Edwards AFB, California, 2155 local time.

CHAPTER 13: a friendly darkness. The team exits the train at Edwards AFB and find themselves stranded having to the get out of a secure compound, undetected. They get assistance by benevolent ETs through a power outage, as a dozen orange orbs appear, allowing the team to elude security forces and escape. Louis calls Trevor to pick them up at a specified location. The Vice Wing Commander requests a scramble from the 194th Fighter Squadron at Fresno Airport. The Group Commander calls for support, prompting emergency responses from Base Operations, Command Post, Civil Engineers, Security Police, and Fire Department. Two F-15’s from the ANG reach the base, and the UFOs dart vertically, out sight, allowing the power to come back on. At Fresno, the two fighters land and the pilots are caught by two OSI agents who instruct them not to leak any information about what they saw, making them sign a nondisclosure agreement. The team spots Trevor’s car and leaves without detection. Mary Ellen reads Tara while they are in Trevor’s van.

CHAPTER 14: the lonely emissary. The team arrives at Trevor’s apartment well past midnight. Tara voices her concern about her situation. Louis and Robert calm her anxieties about being AWOL and having her handlers bound and gagged. After a long, active day, everyone falls asleep quickly. The next morning, the women startle as Tara, disoriented, doesn’t remember anyone, where she is, or how she got there. It is the result of the green fluid which is a memory blocker taking effect during the sleep cycle and transferring memory into the subconscious part of the brain. Robert diffuses the situation by showing Tara the video he took before the rescue, explaining the situation. Tara reluctantly allows Mary Ellen to read her spirit. It reveals that Tara was abducted from the time she was a toddler. The abductions continued through her adolescence. She was pregnant twice and her unborn were taken from her. Trevor reveals his identity as part of a sleeper cell for benevolent ETs. After Mary Ellen mentions about finding McGeorge and now Trevor, and stating that Louis’ role has been defined as counselor and informer, Trevor reasons that Louis was being guided to establish a network of people selected in various roles. Trevor explains that everything started when he was ten years old, describing the moments that led to him being physically branded with a shield on his chest. He shows it to everyone’s amazement.

CHAPTER 15: soft tribunal. Mary Ellen heals Katrina remotely through a Reiki session. In moments, Katrina awakens from a coma then sends a message to Robert telling him she is alright. The team splits. Robert and Deborah go back to their homes, while Louis, Mary Ellen and Tara go north. In a hotel room at Weed, Mary Ellen meditates and does a remote view of Mount Shasta to find the cave they will explore. The next morning, Mary Ellen shows Louis on his laptop the cave’s location. The three leave the hotel and head to the cave.

As they spot the cave on their hike, Mary Ellen senses she is being watched, and they are teleported to a stone vestibule where they eventually find themselves in crystal court room. A being describing himself as Lemurian appears and communicates telepathically. He calls Mary Ellen, Mariel and explains that as their ward she carried out her assignment to contact and bring the one regarded as counselor and informer, Louis.

The Lemurian gives Louis information to carry out his assignment. He explains how Earth is important to all the universe as a training ground for spirits, and that it is home for other races. He points out humans notoriously violent, barbaric, materialistic, spiritually corrupt, and genocidal. He explains humans are not spiritually advanced to possess nuclear energy. The Lemurian explains humans have been in an exploratory quarantine which will only be lifted once they understand their place in the cosmos, accepting their flaws, and most importantly choosing to improve spiritually. Louis responds by pointing out humanity cannot improve itself if it does not know what is wrong; humans are not allowed to know about the quarantine. The Lemurian replies that what Louis described was the Disclosure Paradox, and it was up to him to solve it.

An Arcturian shows Mary Ellen her child being treated by specialists. A Lyran appears and explains Tara’s true existence, telling her they have monitored her growth and development since she was a young child. The Lyran expresses delight that she is safe and invites her to Lyra to be with her people and reunite with her lover from the past. Tara accepts the invitation.

The Lemurian releases Mary Ellen and Louis on the condition they continue their assigned roles. They are teleported back to the mountain and drive away. Louis indicates he will write a book about the journey and call it the Disclosure Paradox. Mary Ellen fittingly plays ‘I’ll take you there’ from her player. She took him where he needed to be.

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